No 1 (97) 2014
January - March

A Passion for Photography

World photography has been changing. The medium that aspired for years to be considered artistic, has turned into an ever easier and web oriented way to create a new visual sphere.

Krzysztof Jurecki

B. in 1960. Art historian, AICA member. Lecturer at the Łódź Academy of Arts and Design.

Krzysztof Jurecki

EXHIBITIONS OF THE PHOTO FESTIVAL IN ŁÓDŹ (2013) and the 8th Poznań Biennial of Photography have been the best evidence of this.

The 8th Biennial catalogue carries a number of texts that attempt to define from a historic point of view positions of: an amateur, a craftsman and an artist (Maciej Szymanowicz), or approach the topic from a theoretical point of view (Marianna Michałowska). Curators of main exhibitions: Krzysztof Gutfrański, Karol Radziszewski, Jarosław Klupś and Marek Noniewicz offered a whole spectrum of analysis dealing with the issue what the photography of today is like. The text by Gutfrański presents a complex philosophical reflection and an interesting construction, however it lacks basis. On the other hand, Klupś and Noniewicz are constantly searching for the medium identity. It is a pity that similarly as Witold Kanicki, they have not provided a more tangible evidence to support their thesis. Some comments, published in the Biennial catalogue, seem amateurish, i.e. on photography of fashion. A theoretical text by Anna Nacher on photography in the web has been a disappointment, since it dealt only with technical aspects, while Adam Sobota presented an interesting opinion about a changing sense of the term "amateur", based on a convincing historic analyses.

Fans and amateurs differ from professionals and artists with regard to awareness and theoretical and historic knowledge hidden behind a visual message. These are the features that determine a potential quality of a photographer and photography put in the historic collection under the name of "artistic photography" that covers the tradition of craft, the aspiration to reach the rank of art and the record of life and the surrounding world. Unfortunately, the catalogue lacks this conclusion.

"A Passion for Photography. About Fans and Lovers", collective work, 400 pages, published by the Arsenal City Gallery, Poznań 2013.