No 1 (97) 2014
January - March

The Space Dedicated to Art

The ultramodern building in Bobrowiecka 6 Street in Warsaw has housed an exhibition of the works by Tadeusz Kantor.

Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk

B. 1983. Art historian, she publishes texts on contemporary art.

Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk

THIS HAS INAUGURATED A NEW SERIES which aim is to show the oeuvre by the most outstanding Polish avant-garde precursor artists of the second half of the 20th century. The exposition covered the pieces from a private collection belonging to Anna and Jerzy Starak, and the collection of Teresa and Andrzej Starmach. An essential and strongly accentuated annex included a rich selection of unique drawings collected, and made open to the public by Lech Stangret.

The presented works have illustrated all periods of multidimensional oeuvre by Tadeusz Kantor (1915-1990); a painter, stage designer, happenings author, director and art theoretician. The exhibition offers his oil paintings, emballages, drawings, installations and sculptures, among others, "I am Holding a Picture Where I am Painted Holding a Picture" (1978).

Further, the Spectra Art Space Masters shows other works from Jerzy Starak's collection. These include, among others, pieces by Magdalena Abakanowicz, Wojciech Fangor, Władysław Hasior, Edward Krasiński, Jerzy Nowosielski, Teresa Pągowska and a special annex presenting works by young artists.

Spectra Art Space Masters is a new, experimental area dedicated to contemporary art. that presents to the general public the oeuvre by the greatest artists. The works displayed have come from private collections, while the building housing Spectra Art Masters has been distinguished by a prestigious publishing house, The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture.

"Tadeusz Kantor - Works", Spectra Art Space Masters, Warsaw,
December 2013 - March 2014.