No 1 (97) 2014
January - March

The Best 27

"Coming OuT", that is the exhibition of the best Graduation Diplomas of theWarsaw Academy of Fine Arts, has entered permanently the culture scene in Warsaw.

Kaja Werbanowska

B. in 1985. Art historian. She publishes texts on contemporary art.

Kaja Werbanowska

AS EVERY YEAR, IN THE BEGINNING OF DECEMBER several thousands of people came to the temporary seat of Sinfonia Varsovia (Former Veterinary Institute). After all "Coming OuT" has been not only an artistic but also a social event.

The presentation main purpose is to provide for young artists an opportunity to cooperate with museums, galleries, architectural and design ateliers. Further, it has been aimed at attracting collectors, critics and art lovers. Kamil Nurzyński, the winner of the former edition Special Award has been successful in this respect. Besides the exhibition in the Academy Salon, his piece entitled "Vibration of Number Thirteen" entered the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

Faculty Councils nominated the best 27 graduates representing 7 faculties of the Warsaw Academy. As usual, the most interesting works have been showed by the Sculpture Faculty. The diploma by Paulina Antoniewicz has been worth noting. "Self-Portrait (with Mother in the Background)" is a series of sculptures that bring to one's mind works by Alina Szapocznikow; describing difficult relations with her mother. One should mention at this point the project by Nina Woroniecka representing the Design Faculty.

The "Nomada" is a furniture kit that covers elementary pieces of furniture (a mattress, a table, two stools, a lamp, a bookshelf and boxes for personal belongings), combining all these into one module. The "Warsaw Alive" series of documentary films on Warsaw - illustrating the capital and its inhabitants - attracted a lot of interest during the vernissage. The visual framework of these has been developed by Andrzej Santorski (Graphic Art Faculty).

As usual, this time sponsors and partners granted a number of awards. The Special Award went to Yulia Krivich (Faculty of Media Art), whose photographs deal with a very current topic of identity of Ukraine and its inhabitants.

"Coming Out", the SV seat, Warsaw,
December 2013.