No 1 (97) 2014
January - March

On That Side of a Night Dream

Intriguing meetings of aromatic fragrances and organic forms. Surprising palette harmony, ornamental meanders of botanic. Organic, surreal, digital kaleidoscopes by Bożka Rydlewska.

Lena Wicherkiewicz

Historian and art critic, curator. She publishes texts on contemporary art.

Lena Wicherkiewicz

HER DIGITAL GRAPHIC WORKS "GET BLOOMING" on paper, as though they were fantastic flowers. They are spread like floristic, colorful, decorative carpets: stems and leaves are going up, buds are opening, plant landscapes are revealing their depth. Delicate, elaborate drawings have been combined with the precision of paper constructions that were cut out and put together by the artist in order to achieve a spatial dimension of fleeting, though captivating, visions. Saturated colors of petals and wings; unknown, fine landscapes and their multiple reflections. Bożka Rydlewska has been drawing motives of her botanical and dreamy story, leading us into the space on the other side of a mirror.

Illustrations of Sir Edward James - a crazy English gentleman, a lover of orchids - meeting a thicket of these wildly growing, hypnotic flowers. Pictures of delirious hallucinations of Lewiss Caroll, a visionary of landscapes "on the other side of a mirror".

An oneiric vision of Max Ernst introduced into the pages of botanic volumes and into digital graphic art. Journeys inside rosebuds to reach the plant obsession. The fascinating, exotic jungle, shadowed with the dark mystery of a witch doctor's rites. Oneiric aquaria. Stuffy hothouses. Floral, bird like and insect like dreams.

Fantasies by Bożka Rydlewska have been rooted in the world of surrealists, devouring stories of night dream fans, and adventurers in search for unknown genres. These have continued the quest of the immeasurable, appealing surrealité.

One gets immersed in subsequent pages of botanic narration, wandering around subtle labyrinths of rose drawings and palette intensities. The works by Bożka have been permeated with vital energy, power, joy and spontaneity, the delight in a marvelous, blooming universe of the dreamy phantasmagoria. This has been a pan biological vision of happy, paradisiacal biophilia. Her oeuvre emanates the harmony of life and the beauty of nature. We are watching yet one more enchanting, kaleidoscopiclandscape, we are wandering around yet one more tunnel of the plant mystery, and dreaming yet one more endless night dream in a night dream...

Bożka Rydlewska has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and Högskolan Design och in Gothenburg. She has pursued graphic art and illustration, the latter being for her a form of an independent artistic statement. She has made floral, surreal compositions that refer to the mysterious, colorful and hypnotic nature of the world of plants. The series has been entitled New Botanic. The illustrations by Bożka present the author's own technique of a digital drawing, and collage. The latest works, showed on the exhibition at the Promotion Gallery in Warsaw, include both; graphic pieces printed in digigraphie, collector's technology, and space oriented paper "sculptures" that push the botanical concept towards an art book illustrated with the pop-up technique. This form of author's original publication, if not an artistic object, has not practically occurred in the Polish art. Similarly, the type of surreal, joyful and ornamental imagination has been quite rare. Open, independent illustrated pages by Bożka form three dimensional, elaborate paper constructions. These have been surreal, space oriented objects that exceed the borders of a traditional book, as well as of illustrative graphic art.

The exhibition by Bożka Rydlewska, A Night Dream in a Night Dream, presented at the Promotion Gallery, has been a summary of her effort related to the New Botanic made in 2013 within the grant by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The Flying Gallery Foundation has been the exposition coorganizer.

Bożka Rydlewska, "A Night Dream in a Night Dream"
, the Promotion Gallery, Warsaw, February - March 2014.