No 3 (95) 2013
July - September

Peripheries (?)

Painting works by Łukasz Korolkiewicz offer point-blank photographic matter.

Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk

B. 1983. Art historian, she publishes texts on contemporary art.

Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk

SINCE THE MID 70'S the artist has reproduced reversal films projected onto the canvas. At other occasions, he has applied compositions consisting of photographs, particularly self-portraits. However, he has been more interested in the climate of the represented world than in the appearance of a person or an object.

Looking carefully, Korolkiewicz freezes within the frame these visual aspects of the surrounding reality that as such might seem dull, insignificant, if not embarrassing, unimaginative and bleak. The artist's paintbrush stroke lends them unexpected expression, so as they are luring with painting magic, in spite of their iconography and selected motives.

The capital aTtack Gallery has presented a collection entitled "Peripheries". The title, as intended by the artist, has been an expression of his creative stand, since he believes that his oeuvre, by nature, remains outside the mainstream; being peripheral it refers to the private, largely autobiographical sphere.

The painting by Korolkiewicz has adored the tradition of art, most of all the Polish romanticism and modernism. Careful observers of his work believe that numerous pieces by Korolkiewicz echo the pictures by Mehoffer, Gierymski, Podkowiński or Malczewski.

Łukasz Korolkiewicz (born in 1948) graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He has been working there as an academic teacher since 1980. In the 70's, along with Ewa Kuryluk and Andrzej Bielawski, he co-founded the Cream (Śmietanka) group. In 1991 he won the Jan Cybis Award.

Łukasz Korolkiewicz, "Peripheries", the aTtack Gallery, Warsaw, May - July 2013.