No 3 (95) 2013
July - September

Palate Tickling

Dorota Buczkowska has named her latest exhibition "Palate Tickling"; a surprising, intriguing, and poetic title.

Lena Wicherkiewicz

Historian and art critic, curator. She publishes texts on contemporary art.

Lena Wicherkiewicz

THE TITLE OFFERS A CONSIDERABLE SENSE OF HUMOR and certain subtlety. To feel tickling sensation inside one's mouth, one has to be quite sensitive and imaginative. Sensually suggestive sonorous combination of these two words makes one nearly feel letters tickling the palate. One is not certain about the nature of this stimulation of senses - is it closer to the feeling of annoyance, or pleasure. Nevertheless, it is intriguing. After watching the pictures displayed on the exhibition, one gets sure - color impressions direct one towards the pleasant. The artist has returned to the foundations, i.e., painting. The experience of the painting oriented sensuality seems to be a new beginning, a renewal, a comeback to the original sense ruled balance.

With regard to the depicted forms, the latest pictures appear to continue and develop a series of earlier drawings - as the latter, the former feature the same main "characters" - bodily fragments, organic preparations; fluid, soft, shining and shaggy shapes. In contrast to the "dark" drawings, the paintings please an eye with an intense illumination of the saturated palette: red, pink, yellow, orange interwoven with blue strips. This painting is like an opening, a free expression of the painting freedom with a shade of joy. One is faced with "carnal abstractions"; mysterious, ambiguous, combining fleshy elements with sensual impressions, full of light, an unexpected inner - outer weave. Dorota Buczkowska has translated a whole spectrum of bodily nuances into the language of color and energy of a gesture. Characteristic features of these pictures are softness, determined paintbrush strokes and a certain type of perception related balance.

Dorota Buczkowska, "Palate Tickling", the Starter Gallery, Warsaw, April - May 2013.

The text is a fragment of an essay being a part of the "Bodily Continuum" project pursued by the author under the grant by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.