No 2 (94) 2013
April - June

The Courses by Jerzy Kałucki

Jerzy Kałucki has been one of the most interesting Polish artists. He has proved an individual approach to a difficult language of abstract geometry. He has applied a specific code that calls for deeper analysis and an imaginative look.

Julita Deluga

Art historian. She lives and works in Cracow.

Julita Deluga

JERZY KAŁUCKI HAS DEVELOPED THE SPACE OF GEOMETRY CONCEPT which has always been a main topic of his oeuvre. So, what is the space of geometry? This is the construction created in the artist's mind; fictitious, functioning solely within the area of art. Brought to life to illustrate the idea of space in art. To describe this, the artist has created the language of geometry. One should point out that geometry is the field the artist has constantly referred to, searching for the forms that allow to achieve the maximum synthesis and reduction. Pureness, clarity and harmony. What is interesting, this art lacks mathematical calculations, showing a sense of intuition and love for color. Jerzy Kałucki, as an abstractionist, has efforted to set a certain order by means of his own geometric formula. Nevertheless, he has never given up instinct with regard to selection and composition of forms and palette.

For years Jerzy Kałucki has developed his works applying a form of a circle, a bow and their respective segments. As of 1968 these geometric forms have been used to describe and construct the space of geometry; both on canvas, and in real space. Thus, the artist has structured the space of geometry. As a result, he presents sets based on axial symmetry and circular and bow forms located along a vertical axis. Placed one over the other on a plane, they suggest being situated one behind the other. Thus, they offer an impression of space. An in-line composition creates space; a specific model of the space of geometry.

In 1970 the artist presented his first spatial picture: r=1970 cm Bow Segment Area. This has been an attempt to show the space of geometry in three dimensions, and a turning point. The artist has started to make extraordinary beautiful monumental constructions where the fictitious space of geometry harmoniously permeated tangible space of our life. He has achieved the most appealing and sublime forms in the following works: Area/Picture at the "Studio" Gallery in Warsaw (1986) and in the Crossing Point at the Starmach Gallery in Cracow (2001). The mentioned installations have been extremely attractive from a visual point of view.

Latest pictures, to be seen at the Starmach Gallery, are the series entitled Courses. They carry special significance against the background of the so far oeuvre by Kałucki, with regard to the fact that the artist has completely given up compositions focused on a circle and a bow. New pieces show beam forms. These have been supported by diagonals that offer a great sense of expression. The courses, outlined by the artist, are dynamically cutting the plane, occasionally breaking. The palette plays an important role again, being saturated as it used to be in the nineties, when the artist presented beautiful pieces developed in equally intense and contrasting colors. He has rejected the so far dominant ascetic approach in favor of a new formula to define more accurately his current emotions and lookout at the surrounding world. Kałucki has commented on his series: "Recent pictures differ from the former with regard to a new approach to space, to be more exact, with regard to a shift in the observer's position. The earlier works were an attempt at synthesis, at organizing space into an arbitrary structure that contains an overall experience of the world in all points, while the latest are the points in question; individual events that are passing in a fraction of time, thus, they are constructing universe."

The need to progress and change has been ever present in the oeuvre by Kałucki. This is an extremely precious value. The Courses combine an experimental attitude with dynamics, an expressive palette and strong geometric forms. As a result, one has been faced with works of so far unprecedented expression that remain pure, clear and simple which are the qualities Kałucki has been striving for from the beginning.

Jerzy Kałucki, "Courses", the Starmach Gallery, Cracow, March - April 2013.