No 2 (94) 2013
April - June

Timeless Splendor

Works by a hundred of Polish artists, interested in textiles, weaves and patterns, have been presented on "The Splendor of Fabric" exhibition at the Warsaw Zachęta.

Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk

B. 1983. Art historian, she publishes texts on contemporary art.

Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk

THEY HAVE DISPLAYED A WIDE SPECTRUM OF THE POLISH ARTISTIC TEXTILES. From the embroidered "Grunwald Battle" through fabrics combined with three dimensional photography. One could find here examples of patriotic, folk and critical art; unique and industrial tapestries; pieces made in traditional techniques and results of experiments by Polish vanguard representatives.

Authors of the exhibition concept brought back the names of the most outstanding artists of this genre from the mid 40's of the 20th century through contemporary times: Eleonora Plutyńska, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Jolanta Owidzka, Urszula Plewka - Schmidt, Anna Śledziewska. Further, they showed a number of works by the artists who can be associated with fabric, or who referred to it. The carpet by Katarzyna Józefowicz, made with hundreds of paper faces cut out of newspapers. A video recording of the artistic action by Kobas Laksy who in 2010 joined local inhabitants of the village of Spycimierz in pouring a flower carpet on the Corpus Christi holiday; tapestries by Jadwiga Sawicka, Marzena Nowak and Aneta Grzeszykowska, a picture by Olga Woźniak, a decorative panneaux by Zofia Kulik.

The visitors were welcomed onto the carpet, spread on the stairs, designed by Leon Tarasewicz. Nearby, in an alcove close to the first floor entrance, there was a dummy, dressed in the skirt designed by Zofia Nawrot, sewn out of hundreds of patterned men ties. Matejko room opened onto a huge copy of the "Grunwald Battle". This has been made by local people of the village of Działoszyn to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the battle. Further, they put up works by artists representing the famous in the world "Polish School of Fabric": Anna Buczkowska, Emilia Bohdziewicz, Ewa Jaroszyńska and Anna Śledziewska.

"The Splendor of Fabric", the Zachęta National Art Gallery, Warsaw, March - May 2013.