No 2 (90) 2012
April - June

Improvisation as an Artistic Value

"The makeshift shows many facets" - it seems to be the message conveyed in the text by Anna Czaban, the curator. Certainly, one cannot deny that she has been right.

Anna Miczko

The 5th year student of the Poznań Art University.

Anna Miczko

THE MAKESHIFT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN MEDIOCRITY; it can be interpreted as an example of the innovative and inventive. A number of synonyms of the word used in the title have been strongly reflected in the projects by the invited artists.

The temporary nature has been written into some pieces as early as at the stage of material selection, i.e., a huge Pyramid Design, made out of potato sacks by Honza Zamoyski. Others offer an impression of being provisional by means of their fragile construction as in It will Best Stay in Itself by Gizela Mickiewicz who has presented a modified kitchen cupboard, so as it lost its original function, thus adopting an autonomous, separate existence. The Example of Isolated Head by Emmeline de Mooji features a block shaped figure made of artificial fiber - imitating a solid stone form - elevated on a patchwork plinth. Improvisation seems to be a driving force behind the way of objects arrangement by Alicja Bielawska and the Merthryl Rising video by Dan Rees. The latter has registered a utopian search for a store that sells white socks. The installation by Piotr Łakomy - that contains three identical size forms; a refrigerator pushing a sheet of metal into the wall being one of them - is a materialization of a provisional character of use of the par exellance.

The makeshift climate associated with the case of renovation works is a transition period that results in a whole serious of haphazard space arrangement solutions. If one forgot shortly aesthetic norms, imposed by a contemporary design, it would turn out that these facilities invented on the spur of the moment are in a certain sense perfect.

This is an interpretation of the Makeshift that reverses negative connotations and focuses on the original

and unique, inseparably written into its existence.

"The Makeshift", the "Arsenal" Town Gallery, Poznań, April - May 2012.