No 2 (90) 2012
April - June

Written into the Space

Anna Skibińska-Koralewska belongs to the group of artists whose creative search has been focused on the structure of things and simplification of form.

Zofia Jabłonowska

Art historian and art critic. She publishes texts on contemporary art.

Zofia Jabłonowska

THE SIMPLICITY AND ECONOMY OF LINE AND COLOR order have been orchestrated in her pictures with the simplicity of basic painting themes - mainly landscapes. The sea merely suggested by a few stripes of the blues and grays, vertical lines depicting a forest - her pictures and drawings have been developed following structures borrowed from nature. She is convinced that her artistic language can describe world only when it is based on the real foundations. While imitating nature, she does not copy it; she makes traces of the remembered forms that are close to graphic "prints". After all, Theodore Adorno believed that "Art goes against reality through an objective approach to it".

The artist occasionally tests these structures, starting with the smallest detail; water and sand particles composition. Some pictures look like enlarged microscopic photos, others, "condensed", seem to present a muddle of tangles. The diversification of the works construction has been accompanied by texture differences. The pictures have been composed vertically, horizontally, diagonally, referring to the division of space as on a map grid. Within these networks, the artist marks a small area of a rectangle or a square, the zone she operates in, the zone she has been "written" into, as she has defined it herself. These outline her territory of observation.

Gradually, she has been struggling to achieve ever more sparse palette. She has frequently applied just two colors, gray being one of them. She has been offering more and more references to water, high and low tide, images where the horizon and sea merge, where land and water become one. The space, whatever way it gets divided and singled out, remains the unity...

Anna Katarzyna Skibińska-Koralewska, Painting, the Klima Bocheńska Gallery, Warsaw, February - March 2012.