No 2 (90) 2012
April - June

Joanna Who Puts Worlds Together

To see the imperceptible. To feel what cannot be sensed. Impossible?

Rafał Skwiot

B. in 1984. Graduate of philosophy and political science, author of the blog.

Rafał Skwiot

IT SEEMS THAT JOANNA MLĄCKA, IN SPITE OF APPEARANCES offered by reality, makes her art bridge the spiritual zone and the world of objects. Due to this skill, she shares with us stories about the world that we would have not known otherwise.

The author has been a keen observer of her surroundings. She can elevate seemingly insignificant objects to the universal level. She speaks with symbols and metaphors, being neither trivial nor obvious. When she attempts to interpret reality, she defines it by competent color combinations, diversified in size canvases or paradoxes that determine her stories limited by four frames.

A number of times one can have an impression that her pictures have not been completed. This has been her way to invite us to join the dialogue and add our own stories. Not always simple. Exactly like her pictures that are frequently annoying and prompting. Occasionally, these bring to one's mind obvious things that one tried to hide in the subconscious. At other times, they seem to come as a revelation. Submerged in the contemporary culture, one might skip the fact that Joanna Mlącka has pursued an old type of art in the post modern form. Thus, her pictures offer a mixture of two worlds. The first being the reality of an uncertain artist; suspended and careful. The other one belongs to the one who dares to look into the future and convey the absolute truth. These two orders amount to a form which still remains open, as though not fully shaped. The artist has invited us for a trip that can have a completely different end for each of us.

The pictures by Joanna Mlącka carry particular meaning in the fluid times. They fit there with their form, and give an opportunity to have a look at what passes as fast as we do.

Joanna Mlącka, "Unknown Garden", the Promotional Gallery, Warsaw, May 2012.