No 1 (89) 2012
January - March

The Book of Objects Made Unreal

A winner of the C. K. Norwid award, who took part in over two hundred exhibitions, and whose works are in numerous museum collections.

Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk

B. 1983. Art historian, she publishes texts on contemporary art.

Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk

A MONUMENTAL EXHIBITION OF PAINTING by Juliusz Narzyński, since he is the one in question, took place in the Łódź Art Propagation Center. The title refers to "The Book of Pictures", the poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. The exhibition covered oil pictures and works on paper (pastels, gouaches, acrylics) from the 1963-2011 period. This has been the first retrospective on a large scale by the artist for which the author himself has selected his works. Juliusz Narzyński was born in 1934. He studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts Painting Faculty. He got his diploma in 1959 under Prof. Artur Nacht-Samborski. Since 1973 he has been the head of the Painting Faculty of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, at present Wł. Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts.

The painting by Juliusz Narzyński, maintained in surrealistic convention, has gone through evolutionary changes and transformations, while being focused on the creation of the symbolic vision of the world. Originally, he discreetly succumbed to informel art. Gradually, the painting by Narzyński has become more dynamic and sharper in expression. Flashy, biological forms contrasted with geometry oriented shapes that whirled in the undefined space. The mid 70's witnessed a turn - dynamic forms were replaced with flatly painted surface, outlines got more flowing, the palette was applied to make objects unreal.

The author has described his work in the following manner: Essentially, all (my art) comes down to the fact that this struggle with the world is the struggle with my own self. My defense is an escape from the reality, from what is one dimensional, regardless of the price one has to pay. What has been said exhausts the subject. This art is worth watching and remembering.

Juliusz Narzyński, "The Book of Pictures", the Town Art Gallery, Art Propagation Center, Łódź, January - March 2012.