No 1 (89) 2012
January - March

Areas Revealed

Students of the Photographic Faculty of the Łódź Film, TV and Theater Academy have presented their works at the City Art Gallery for the fifth time. Cooperation with the Gallery has become a tradition entered into the timetable of significant cultural events in the city.

Tomasz Ferenc

Assistant Professor of the Łódź University Art Sociology Department. Author of the book “Photography. Dilettantes, Amateurs, Artists” (2004). Editor of several anthologies on photography.

Tomasz Ferenc

THIS YEAR, PROFESSOR GRZEGORZ PRZYBOREK, THE EXHIBITION CURATOR, has proposed an extremely versatile presentation of works by 22 students from his faculty. Further, he has offe-red his own installation, specially prepared for the occasion; entitled "The Triptych with Rats". The participation of a teacher, along with his students, is highly valuable. This gives an opportunity not only to observe the direction young, budding artists are following, but also to confront their output with the one of their master. The message thus delivered by the exhibition curator has been very obvious. Przyborek, while being true to his own, precise concept of art, gives his students total freedom to chose their topics and means of expression. This liberal attitude clearly serves young artists well. Artistic education is to support individual development, the exhibition being an evidence that the Łódź Photography Faculty meets perfectly this task. A lot of merit goes to the students themselves. The quality of their works has been really high. One can see a free, nevertheless mature approach to the medium. Besides photography in its classical form, one had a chance to see a whole range of hybrid techniques, as well as video installations, sculptures, multidimensional photography.

Participants have showed serious composed of several photographs. As a result, one has been faced with the material that - in a number of cases - would have required a separate, more extensive discussion. So, can one see some common elements in this intriguing variety? The exhibition title might offer a clue. In fact, we witness attempts to reveal unknown and inaccessible areas. The exhibition participants have focused on unfolding and exploring spaces beyond the obvious world. Photography has been turned into a tool to search for inner images, hidden views, unavailable, intimate. The private zone, as presented by the artists, refers to various areas: personal and family life, fantasies, emotions, imagination.

Each time, however, these have been considerably different from popular standards and clichés. One cannot give here a fast, superficial look, as when watching a stream of images in electronic media. We have been living bombarded by ever present multiplicity of images, the situation unimaginable earlier. The truth is, however, that the overwhelming majority of these has been trivial, hardly expanding one's perception of the world. Here, the situation has been completely different. Series of works invite viewers to reflect. The authors have asked a whole variety of questions, and posed problems, such as: an issue of identity, passing time, carnality, intimacy, tensions between the real and the fictitious. Further, the question about the nature of photographic representation. The exhibition participants seems to share the opinion of their master that photography not so much reflects the reality, rather mirrors one's imagination. I do agree with this approach to the photographic medium, though there is more to it than just imagination. A social code, used by an artist to be understood, and the work context are very important.

Summing up, the exhibition has been an evidence that young photographers generation have found proper conditions to develop their artistic potential in the Łódź Academy. The following have taken part in the exhibition: Magdalena Ban, Agata Berniak, Katarzyna Bielska, Dawid Ciesielski, Dawid Furkot, Natalia Giza, Monika Golisz, Agata Grzybowska, Hubert Humka, Paulina Janowska, Rafał Jóźwicki, Irena Kalicka, Monika Kokoszyńska, Aleksandra Korszuń, Anna Lucid, Maciej Nowaczyk, Igor Oleś, Tomasz Pastyrczyk, Kamila Szopa, Agnieszka Szuścik, Bartłomiej Talaga, Marta Zając, Grzegorz Przyborek.

"Areas Revealed", Students of the Photographic Faculty of the Łódź Film, TV and Theater Academy, the City Art Gallery - Art Propagation Center, Łódź, November 2011 - January 2012.