No 4 (88) 2011
October - December

The 2004-2010 Performance Gallery

Periodical summary of the Warsaw Performance Gallery operation has always stirred artistic circles, the reasons being Fred Ojda's sustained program outlines.

Wiesław Łuczaj

Fine artist, didactic at the Kielce University of Humanities and Natural History.

Wiesław Łuczaj

OCCASIONALLY THIS COMMOTION HAS BEEN RELATED TO THE DISCOVERY that today one can still refer to the concept of artistic progress presented by Jerzy Ludwiński (1930-2000), an art critic and theoretician. A big stir can be attributed to the Gallery's social impact, opening a "game area" and various "territories of contemporary art", an exceptional ability to combine the tradition with the current and the innovative, defined by Zbigniew Makarewicz as "the strategy resulting from the essence of art".

The present summary covers the seven years period. This has adopted the form of the reach, illustrated catalogue supplemented with texts by a dozen of artists (among others Andrzej Kostołowski, Zbigniew Gostomski, Zbigniew Makarewicz) and the calendar edited by Grzegorz Borkowski. The cover featuring photos from "The 2010 Interactions" International Performance Festival and the CD containing the documentation of the "Diagram, to Jerzy Ludwiński" make symbolic frameworks of the Performance Gallery main stream program, where an artist appears as an initiator and author of the unhindered form of artistic expression that escapes all definitions.

Quoting statistical data, the Gallery put up 72 exhibitions with the participation of over 300 Polish artists (including Włodzimierz Borowski, Jan Berdyszak, Anastazy B. Wiśniewski), and foreign representatives. 42 exhibitions were one-man presentations of: performance, video, photography, objects, installations, sculpture, drawing, painting, acoustic poetry, artistic records, artistic books, visual texts and conceptual projects. Among collective events one should mention "Interactions" International Performance Festivals organized annually by the Gallery, and topical exhibitions.

"The 2004-2010 Performance Gallery", publishers: The "Power Plant" Mazovian Contemporary Art Center in Radom, 2011