No 4 (88) 2011
October - December

Inspiring Meetings

After a year young artists from the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts returned to Görlitz, the town friendly to them and their creative search. The comeback has turned out quite fruitful.

Bogusław Deptuła

Art historian and critic. He publishes texts on contemporary art.

Bogusław Deptuła

THE ARTISTS, TAKING PART IN THE "WANDERINGS AND MEETINGS" EXHIBITION, have faced the task to illustrate their inspiration with another artist or his work. This has always been intrinsic to art, since the output by others have invariable been a source of inspiration for artists. Further, the organizers concentrated on the result of a trip. As they put it: "Movement involves a change of perspective. A new point of view, freshly formulated opinion, focus on the so far overlooked aspects are determined by transfer - the transfer of a subject and an object; by the same token, the author of the concept and the analyzed object. Thus, we hope to initiate the reinterpretation process and make the reception determined by a particular period of time and a given historical moment.".

The idea covered a specific approach to travels in time and space that eventually bring about fresh works dealing anew with topics rendered by former generations. The works - that inspired artists to create new pieces - varied considerably. These have been presented in various types of space; dedicated to expositions as Museum of Photography, as well as the totally haphazard, such as a shop window or a shopping mall. The same trend was present last year, nevertheless more locations were involved then. Further, a smaller number of artists participated this year. One can only regret that artists and their work have not left a stronger mark on the city landscape.

Bożena Sacharczuk has showed a photo installation "...All Signs in Heaven and Earth..." inspired with the output by Professor Julia Kotarbińska, a doyenne of artistic ceramics. Sacharczuk has taken photographs of all cross and X letter lines that she spotted in the nature and surrounding environment: roads, telephone lines, branches, as well as tombs and windows. Jakub Jernajczyk has offered an interpretation of the 2000 poster by Wiesław Gołuch designed for the "Writing of Art" symposium, by means of switching the layout into a moving installation. Karolina Szymanowska has animated the photograph depicting a ballet by Oskar Schlemmer. The piece has been entitled "Waiting for a Photographer", being - as the artist says - a video collage where various elements are moving from time to time on the photograph that is screened on the monitor. The final result has been truly surprising: one is not waiting anymore with a group of actors for a snapshot, observing instead the movement on the photograph. Magda Grzybowska, in turn, has been fascinated with ostrich eggs - undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of nature - visible in the sculptures by Leon Podsiadło.

Łukasz Huculak - inspired with the works by Zdzisław Jurkiewicz who announces the end of painting, showed recently in the Wrocław National Museum - presented a kind of an exhibition inside the exhibition. He has reinterpreted a couple of his own artistic concepts. One of them was an interesting and eccentric idea in situ, i.e., "The Found Museum" in the space of the Görlitz Photography Museum. Huculak planned a miniature exposition in the corner of the exhibition room and on the window sill. He has displayed there fragments of his pictures, sculptures and other artistic and considered artistic objects that he incorporated into his exhibition inside the exhibition. One can easily miss the minuscule world by Huculak while visiting the Museum of Photography, nevertheless, this particular idea of the exhibition inside the exhibition seems to be an extremely interesting approach. A change of scale has caused a total alteration of optics: a rich diversity of this world is truly marvelous.

"Wanderings and Meetings" have been limited to cover the output by Wrocław region artists of the pre and postwar generation. It has turned out that this strict term was not an obstacle. On the contrary; it has revived the output by former generation of artists rescuing them from oblivion.

"Wanderings and Meetings. Artists of the Wrocław Academy Circle", under the Festival, Görlitz/Zgorzelec, October 21st - 31st 2011.