No 4 (84) 2010
October - December

Faces of Photography

Faces of Photography ask a series of questions: is photography merely a reproduction, an advertisement, strong eroticism, World Press Photo, amateur or political photography, or simply the true photography?

Magda Komborska

Krytyk sztuki, malarka. Mieszka i pracuje w Poznaniu.

Magda Komborska

FACED WITH ALL THESE, WHAT WOULD BE AN IMAGE OF A PHOTOGRAPHER? A homo faber or a homo ludens - how much does he depend on a photo camera? Answers to these questions can be mainly found in the period of photography vanguard and new vanguard, and in a whole spectrum of philosophic theories followed by Urszula Czartoryska, Wiesław Juszczak, Lucy Lippard and John Chandler, as well as by Robert de la Sizerenne.

Jurecki considers important - surprisingly showing an approach unique for domestic publications - ethnographic/ geographic records by Louise Arner Boyd, an outsider artist; photos by Jan Bułhak, the founding father of the so called "native photography" and Jan Szymańczyk, rooted in the tradition of a photographer's shop. The author reminds Stefan Kiełsznia, Benedykt J. Dorys and those who presented architecture of the yet gone realities, like Eugene Atget, a French artist. Further, the book underlines the role of photomontages by the Blok, Praesens, a.r. group and the cliché- verre technique giving an origin to the heliographic method by Bruno Schultz or Marek Piasecki. Jurecki has been the only one today to remember the Podwórko Wrocław group or Kultura Zrzuty, the dadaism oriented group whose photo media message used to shock in the 80's. The closing chapter shows a profile of Grzegorz Przyborek introducing the "authentic fiction", i.e., night dream hallucinations. Jurecki has not been concerned about the language metaphor by Sontag, epic reflections presented by Jacek Dehnel in the Peepshow or by Urszula Czartoryska in Human Speech. An honest publication, backed up with curator's practice offers an insight into - the experience of not so much photomontage - mix media, a portrait of photography, if not prospective factoid images.

Faces of Photography, Krzysztof Jurecki, Kropka Publishing House, 2009.