No 4 (84) 2010
October - December

5 Years Later...

The exhibition by Paula Jaszczyk at the Zapiecek Gallery illustrates how the output by this artist has changed since she completed her painting studies.

Kaja Werbanowska

B. in 1985. Art historian. She publishes texts on contemporary art.

Kaja Werbanowska

THE FIVE YEARS PERIOD BROUGHT ABOUT FIGURATIVE AND ABSTRACT WORKS. At the Zapiecek one had a chance to see a series featuring female characters. The "I Am Going to No End of Trouble" shows a young girl contemplating her body. She is looking there for traits of everyday life. Another series presents women borrowed from the posters by Toulouse-Lutrec. They resemble templates, multiplied silhouettes filled up with color. Further, an intentional reference, this time to the Relieves by Henryk Stażewski, has been present in her abstract pictures.

Jaszczyk has filled up silhouette outlines and squares with bright colors. At other occasion she has applied the sfumato subdued palette. Thus, she has focused on the most significant aspect of her art, i.e., the presentation of color, its spatial forms and optic illusions. Jaszczyk has not been much interested in form, instead, she has been preoccupied with the color problem. She has been searching for painting oriented qualities in painting. The abstract pieces - that she lately turned to - offer a synthesis of her creative quest.

The Zapiecek Gallery has been a very special place for Jaszczyk. Her academy graduation exhibition was put on here in 2005. Then she showed pictures, graphic works, collages and spatial forms winning the Józef Szajna award granted by the Academy President and the A3 Gallery Golden Branch award. Besides the location, a series of negative like portraits of elderly people - where the artist has painted in white only on the unprimed canvas - have been the common link between the then and the present exhibition.

The "5 years Later..." - as a review of the achievements by the artist - has illustrated her creative search. Though she started to follow a completely different kind of painting, she is still true to her quest.

Paula Jaszczyk, "5 Years Later...", the Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw, October - November 2010.