No 4 (84) 2010
October - December

A Salon of Not Rejected

An exhibition summing up the Aneks Gallery operation turned out to be the most interesting event ever showed there. Though in the course of the last four years their presentations have not been always a success, the final made one regret that the Aneks has gone...

Bogna Błażewicz

She writes about art, film, literature. She lives and works in Poznań.

Bogna Błażewicz

MIKOŁAJ POLIŃSKI, THE CURATOR, has written a short introduction to the catalogue accompanying the exhibition, and documenting the 2009 Aneks presentations, where he says: "The Aneks Gallery was founded in 2006 under the wings of the Arsenal Town Gallery, as an alternative location to introduce young artists. We started without a precisely defined program, hoping for some feedback (...). We showed young artists connected with the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts circles, as well as foreign artists (...). "

Poliński, in the capacity of a curator, was developing the gallery program with Diana Fiedler for the first two years, and then in 2009 he cooperated with Ola Wach. The three of them displayed their works there (one could see them on the exhibition).

Without a Justification is obviously a collective presentation, fortunately escaping an impression of chaos and randomness typical of this type of an exposition. Even though the only common factor was the context of the Aneks Gallery, they succeeded to combine into a harmonious whole versatile artistic visions, and to point out numerous "doors" opening onto different worlds brought to life there. Individual authors presentations did not enter into dialogues, rather strongly coexisted marking their differences. Artists have simply shared a common space.

Among the already mentioned three curators of Aneks, the following artists showed their pieces: Basia Bańda, Natalia Brandt, Katarzyna Kłudczyńska, Aleksander Komarov, Ewa Kulesza, Jagna Ciuchata, Paul Magee, Jens Nippert, Paweł Polus, Sophia Pompéry, Maciej Sarna, Jarosław Szelest, Yukiko Terada. Thus, a whole spectrum of visual arts has been displayed; painting, photography, installations, video, drawing/ embroidery...

I cannot possibly refer at this point to all sixteen participants, so let me select two - in my opinion the most interesting - presentations. One of them includes intriguing pieces by Ola Wach. Wach draws/ paints applying embroidery, appliquéd designs and ink, thus making with a great precision extremely time consuming works. Her "pictures" feature old fashioned tambours with canvas stretched on them, where she is painstakingly "drawing" maps and landscapes with a needle and a thread. Their palette and shapes remind Japanese aesthetics. The work series is entitled Homecoming. They emanate an old fashion charm, and an unexpectedly strong expression.

Sophia Pompéry, on the other hand, showed a hypnotic video. This has been a record of painting a small rectangle with a small paint brush immersed in water. As a result of this simple action, a sparkling, mirror like surface was created while viewers watched. The whole procedure seemed to border on magic...

For some years, all Aneks organized presentations traditionally took place in the smallest room in the Arsenal, i.e., Chamber Hall, located behind a suit of larger halls. A tiny place at the back, both literally and metaphorically, served as an Annex to the Town Gallery. The summary of the operation of the young artists promoting gallery required more space, if only for the number of participants. Thus, it took over all areas of the "Arsenal" with the exception of the already mentioned Chamber Hall where - to bring back sentimental memories - everything started...

Approaching the situation as an allegory, one can treat this as a symbolic promotion.

Young artists have left an annex/ room to enter proudly a larger space; a specific art salon. Definitely this has not been "the salon of the rejected". It could be a forecast of their further artistic fate, or just a situation resulting from practical reasons of the exhibition organization that demanded more room... One way or the other, we should watch these who have left the Aneks, and observe where they will be heading...

"Without a Justification", the "Arsenal" Town Gallery, Poznań, June - July 2010.