No 4 (84) 2010
October - December

Areas of Self-Awareness

Andrea Lange and Michał Dudek, the artists active in the area of noise music, have presented at the Studio Gallery two exhibitions where sound played a special role. It has filled in the space, being an indispensable element of the composition.

Krzysztof Żwirblis

Independent curator. In 1992 - 1997 he ran the AR Gallery in Warsaw

Krzysztof Żwirblis

ACCORDING TO THE AUTHOR THE "I AM SITTING AND WAITING - ZERO MIND_X5" is meant to make one aware of the significance of technology in our fragile world; refer to its nature described as transitory and in constant movement against human efforts to make it stable. To this purpose, the artist has applied video projectors and light dependent resistors that - in reaction to the changing light - generate sound. The latter was not very pleasant, a bit creaky and resembling an emergency alarm that was changing as one moved around. It provided a background for the communication of devices that were functionally combined in a slightly vague manner. Clearly, they operated by themselves, without us getting involved. Two of them generated the changing light that projected aesthetic images, for example, a light circle surrounded by a red glow.

The artist has achieved the above by means of video projectors used merely as sources of light; the light changes have been obtained with simple mechanical objects, i.e., a turning Perspex tile. Further, a satellite dish took a different part than its original function; it has been turned into a transmitter, a floodlight contributing to the light projection. Sounds were generated by small devices placed in glass boxes equipped with long cables that ended with light dependent resistors. They projected practically an organic drawing on the walls. The space of common communication - governed by mysterious rules - developed a self-sufficient, mutually driven system. What is more, it referred to the space of one's mind forced to function among an unbelievable number of stimuli originating in numerous "transmitters".

These communiqués adopt the life of their own as well as links and interpretations put freely together in the unconscious parts of our minds. The artist, brought up in the country, surrounded by nature following its own, slow rhythm, has been inspired by the contrast experienced when she moved to one of the busiest European cities. The experimental set, side by side with displayed photographic objects and music performances records, pertain further to possible rational interpretations, our intellectual efforts, attempts to maintain stable personality.

The data fields in the "data fields_scheme" by Michał Dudek have been generated by various types of objects; most of them sonorized. Large drawings - that offer similar motives and simulate a stream of data and reflections flowing through the author's mind - have been an essential part of the exhibition. A nearly altar like installation has taken a central place.

A "non confrontation", pulsating mirror, i.e., a monitor screen featuring a dynamic projection with a vaguely outlined shadow of the onlooker seen from the back, has been presented against the background of the projection that filled in all the wall. A second object features a mock-up of the moon/ carnal like hilly landscape with a little lake of dark liquid corresponding to a general outline of the written in man, Leonard. The object has been accompanied with two loudspeakers full of dark liquid vibrating to the played sphere music - planet sounds recordings registered by the Galileo probe. Two other objects have been producing their own sound: a typically decorated motorbike helmet and a mysterious, sanitary ceramics object referring to the gesture by Duchamp. The drawings, in particular the largest, 310 x 600 cm in size, pertain to the destination and the soul/ awareness wandering, or to quote the artist, to what flows through him to the childhood, and makes him creative. The remaining drawings refer to energy driven actions and conditions, to mention communication and fertilization.

All these amount to the exposition that offers a scheme of the data of an individual who, by means of self observation, reveals a complex and deep personality structure; its origins and destination, while confronting the macro and micro cosmos.

Andrea Lange (Berlin), "I am sitting and waiting - zero.MIND_x5", Michał Dudek (Berlin), "data fields_scheme", (Berlin), the Studio Gallery, Warsaw, September - October 2010.