No 2 (82) 2010
April - June

Julia’s Tulips

Julia Curyło, a graduate of the Painting Faculty, is the author of the “Tulips” presented for a couple of days at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

Kaja Werbanowska

B. in 1985. Art historian. She publishes texts on contemporary art.

Kaja Werbanowska

THE "TULIPS" HAVE BEEN MADE AS AN ANNEX to the diploma at the workshop under Prof. Mirosław Duchowski. The inflatable flowers appeared in the Academy yard, being an example of the presence of art in public space during a scientific conference held in May, and devoted to this very problem. In her work, the artist has been applying elements of high and pop culture; playing with double meanings. This is exactly what The Lambs of God, her controversial mural, has been famous for.  Presented at the Marymont tube station, it showed inflatable lambs from a sex shop against the background of sky and the Palace of Culture. The art introduced into the urban space has been the continuation of creative ideas defined in the painting by Curyło. The sculptures have been made of soft PCV and filled in with air; the latter being of significance. As inflatable objects, they carry a potential of flying, rising above the ground. By the same token, they contain a supernatural, magic element. On the other hand, sculptures filled in with air are empty inside. Both, their emptiness and lightness, as well as the material they have been made of, suggest artificiality. So, while imitating authentic flowers, they create a sense of the non real in the real. The "Tulips" by Curyło have lent a fantastic element to the reality, enriching it with a new, magic quality. Further, the piece aimed at encouraging passersby to look at the familiar location in different context. The artist would like "Tulips" to show up in various places in different seasons of the year. In the autumn 2009, one had a chance to see them in Hoover Square. Julia Curyło, introducing her pieces into public space, makes passersby interact with art. She has offered controversial, emotions stirring works that cannot be easily forgotten. Thus, they really matter.

Julia Curyło, "Tulips", the Academy of Fine Arts yard, Warsaw, May 5th-7th 2010.