No 1 (65) 2006
January - March

The Sky and Earth by Tomasz Ciecierski

Tomasz Ciecierski, as he said himself, was born a painter, and all his life has been about facing painting challenges.
Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk

B. 1983. Art historian, she publishes texts on contemporary art.

Natalia Werbanowska - Krawczyk
His artistic output covers a closed painting series of no return, in a sense referring to one another. This is the “painting about painting”. His pictures describe pictures painting process and the very act of painting. He shows palettes, painting brushes, spatulas tubes of paint. Ciecierski is one of the most outstanding contemporary Polish painters. As it has been repeated a number of times by critics, his early pictures referred to the European painting history; both the Renaissance and futuristic. While all his artistic endeavors have been constantly guided by a reflection over the essence of the painting itself. Thus, the artist has been capable of verifying and updating this medium. The exhibition at the Foksal Gallery has presented a collection of about 130 drawings in black ink, made on postcards printed thirty years ago for his exhibition held at one of Dutch galleries. All the drawings have been shown against the same background of a copy of the work by Ciecierski, entitled “The Earth and Sky” that shows two Polaroid snapshots of sky and earth, taken from an aircraft window, and crayon drawings being a commentary on the photographs. We are faced here with recording the emotions, impressions, sketches of objects and actions, observations of places and people the artist has been meeting every day – at his atelier, while traveling or at home; all these expressed in a simple manner. Thus, he has made a kind of a “diary” written without recording dates and locations when and where the events happened. A characteristic feature of the art by Ciecierski involves constructing - both drawings and paintings - out of individual fragments, separate canvases or sheets of paper. The painter has been making larger compositions out of them. The pictures, photos, drawings and collages originating in various periods of time, share the common topic: painting and imitating. As one can see, Tomasz Ciecierski has been preoccupied with this from the very beginning through his most recent works. Tomasz Ciecierski, “ The Sky and Earth”, the Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, December 2005 – January 2006.