No 1 (65) 2006
January - March


Anita Pasikowska has been wandering around people and taking notes. The artist has been practicing this type of voyeurism - observing passers-by, unknown persons – for several years, drawing a kind of a collective portrait.

Agnieszka Rayzacher

Art critic, curator. She publishes texts on contemporary art.

Agnieszka Rayzacher

This is an unusual portrait – hastily outlined; where the very fact of recording and grasping has been more essential than individual features and characteristics. Anita Pasikowska puts the portrayed in large brackets – she takes a look at them from the positions of a privileged person who can be peeping in as much as she pleases, and get away with it. This stand, however, turns out to be quite unstable. Today, the romantic contrast between an artist and society has ceased to be holding. People do not respect artists, and the latter seem to care less about their own standing. A couple of years ago, Anita Pasikowska graduated from her studies, completing the faculty run by Leon Tarasewicz. In a sense, her works can be still classified as paintings. Nevertheless, none of her works functions as a paper pinned to the wall. The drawings or photographs have been merely a pretext to present an object – installation. They gain an additional dimension, illuminated from the backside, closed in a light box. The artist adds a warm touch to her works applying multi colored foils. This is a painter’s gesture, full of meaning, bonding together figures, buildings, objects. At the exhibition presented at the lokal_30, Anita Pasikowska has shown a project prepared especially for this particular interior. The Relations installation has been located in two rooms – the white and the black. The artist has made a comeback to the concept of a collective portrait; though she has been mainly focused on the relations between her heroes. Combining together randomly picked passers-by, she has initiated a kind of game. She has “determined” their further fate, as though she were a demiurge. A viewer, on entering the lokal_30, was surrounded by a crowd of anonymous figures. It has been up to a viewer for how long he wished to remember their faces. Anita Pasikowska, Relations, lokal_30, Warsaw November – December 2005.