No 1 (65) 2006
January - March

The Movement Brought to a Standstill

Investigating movement - as a phenomenon - is based on a conviction that in the process of observing and recording, we come closer to explaining one of the phenomena.

Bogna Błażewicz

She writes about art, film, literature. She lives and works in Poznań.

Bogna Błażewicz

Katarzyna Dreszer – presenting her Indonesian experience and thoughts on this topic – brings to one’s mind Bartleboom, the character from Ocean Sea, the novel by Alessandro Baricco, who aspired to define sea borders, set them as something consummate. This act has been driven by the eccentric passion of a scientist but also by a moving belief in the possibility to fathom out all, providing one devotes enough time to scientific experiments. Bartleboom has been analyzing waves: “His eyes were searching for a particular complete picture that could have been described and presented by means of true rules: this amounted to following a constant, unattainable back and forth movement that was eluding and mocking any scientific approach”. Katarzyna Dreszer, in the text accompanying the exhibition, confessed: “I have conducted a whole range of photography/ movie related experiments. In spite of a number of technological tricks, the results seem quite unsatisfactory, lacking capabilities to express my emotions, feelings and observations”. A ritualistic dance and the vibrations of the drum emitting sounds turned to have served as a guideline…. The exhibition of black and white computer printouts, depicting movement - and its huge role in culture, and more generally, in life itself – as a main topic, is an example of balance between the essence and a pure form of a sign. The intriguing black shapes, scattered and suddenly frozen flecks, represent the - curbed for a moment - dynamics of life. Dark spots making a composition of haphazard (for sure?) shapes. Could these be specific movement fractals? Katarzyna Dreszer has been convinced, and rightly so, that it is possible to illustrate the phenomenon of movement in a vision brought to a standstill. The series of printouts has been accompanied with a movie and a mobile desk with the monitor displaying changing images. They were changing influenced by movement… Katarzyna Dreszer, “Between Sheer Coincidence and the Order of Disorder”, the “Arsenal” Town Gallery, Poznań, January 2006.