No 1 (65) 2006
January - March

One Competition – Two Exhibitions

For twenty five years now, the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts has been organizing Maria Dokowicz best graduation diploma competition. Nevertheless, the submitted diplomas have been exhibited merely for the fourth time. This year presentation has been accompanied by the jubilee exhibition where earlier winners have been invited.

Justyna Ryczek

PhD; she works for the Art University in Poznań; the author of the book “Beauty in the Postmodern Culture”.

Justyna Ryczek

Continuum. Former winners meeting has been a subtle form of a summary; it helped to assess earlier decisions from the time perspective. The first winners were introduced by Mirosław Pawłowski (1983 grant). His graphic works series entitled The Camouflage can be interpreted on multiple levels, the simplest way is through media image changes, in other words, through referring to the human identity issue. The question so frequently asked; who I am? How am I trying to present myself? Computer techniques have been bringing in new contexts. This is the question addressed to the reality, to its complex relations with the virtual, further intensified by the projection that exceeds the matter. The works by Dorota Koziara are worth mentioning, especially original lamps with romantic images of enigmatic forests, looking quite well in the interiors getting dark in the twilight. Unfortunately, in a full daylight they were hardly visible. Wojtek Duda has shown an ironic attitude. The red neon light reading Polish Quality with the letter “ć” blinking on and off could be understood as a comment on our reality. Was it also a comment on the exhibition? …Joanna Hoffman - yet another time combining picture, music, space and a human being placed in the center – invited us for a trip around town but also inside our brains. The interactive works by Marcin Sztukiewicz have been quite interesting. The Door, earlier work, was accompanied by the new project – A Small Flower. A watering can encouraged one to water an empty flower pot, the flowing water, its sound distinctly heard, made various plants grow really fast; both a blooming bush and a tall, soaring cactus. A joyful effort referring to the need to extend care for the world . The Historic Exhibition offered less original approach than the current year diploma works. Twenty persons selected to represent all faculties of the Academy presented a uniform entity. Thanks to efficient arrangements by Anna Tyczyńska, each work has found its own place, simultaneously contributing to the common space. A whole spectrum of proposals has been yet another positive feature. Interesting painting by Małgorzata Szymankiewicz; loud, garish pictures by Radek Szlaga, rooted in and growing into everyday life; traditional posters by Skorwider/Wolna duo where the artists, respectively, have a look at the opposite sex; meta-critical, extremely method oriented work by Dorota Jonkajtis; a loud and sharp performance by Wojciech Bąkowski; the emerging tiger by Sabina Ścisłowicz; a contemporary warrior by Tomasz Partyka; subtle videos by Krzysztof Łukomski, human dilemmas in the installation by Tomasz Mroz, Between Heaven and Hell that pertains both to final moments, as well as to trivial everyday events – popular cloths, a billboard. The above mentioned are the most interesting proposals drawing attention to this year Poznań Academy of Fine Arts graduates. Further, there are this year winners. Three works have been distinguished. Dariusz Zatoka has been a laureate of a honorary mention for the illustration to the book Point of Light by Jean Baudrillard. This has been a kind of review, expressed by means of pictures, a comment on the memorized events. The multiplicity of images described theoretically by the French philosopher, ironically, has come true here. The design Architecture of Presenting Architecture by Ewelina Wojtkowiak has won the 2nd award. The work has proved efficient technical skills and good architectural concept, starting with thorough analysis and drawing, through locating it in natural environment of Puszczykowo village. Aleksandra Winnicka has been this year Maria Dokowicz Competition winner and she received PLN 15 thousands grant. The diploma, completed at the faculty run by Prof. Stefan Ficner, has been of multimedia nature though it has been deeply rooted in graphic art. The designed wall papers, references to graphic art techniques in one of the movies, moving graphic pictures on the table and on the curtains; all these have been meant to build up an atmosphere of a living room, particularly hard to arrange in the austere interiors of the Old Slaughter House . You Are Nearly Here – the title renders well the climate of this installation; melancholic, sensual. The artist refers to the concept of home, not in a general sense of the word. She refers to the home – belonging to her grandmother as the author says - she has remembered from her childhood – a table covered with a tablecloth, a colorful carpet on the floor. A nostalgic, cozy aura has been disturbed by weird organic shapes scattered in various places. The prize has not been an attempt of a summary. On the contrary, it has opened new opportunities and placed confidence in the laureate whose further path is up to her. Let us observe her closely. The best diploma Maria Dokowicz Competition; Continuum: M. Pawłowski, S. Chorążyczewska, J. Hoffman, D. Koziara, W. Duda, M. Kaczmarek, M. Sztukiewicz, R. Jakubowicz, J. Ciuchta, W. Hoffman, K. Smoleński, A. Światłoń, M. Jurkowska, W. Dudkowiak-Reichstein, K. Kucia, A. Biedermann, A. Wiatr. The Contest Exhibition:W. Bąkowski, A. Cholewińska, R. Górczyński, D. Jonkajtis, K. Kęsicka, M. Kokot, S. Krzywak, K. Łukomski, A. Moskal-Ciempiel, T. Mróz, T. Partyka, M. Skorwider, M. Starska, R. Szlaga, M. Szymankiewicz, S. Ścisłowicz, M. Wieczorek, A. Winnicka, E. Wojtkowiak, M. Wolna, D. Zatoka, The Old Slaughter House, Poznań, October 2005.